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31: Kids Love Heroes – The Simple Eloquence of Example

Episode 31

Ed Boland and his wife Crissi founded the HeroBoys, a line of toys and comic books for young boys meant to celebrate the adventure, imagination, and limitless potential inherent in boys while reinforcing universal values with the intention of inspiring young boys to become good men.
Beginning with Crissi’s initial idea for the HeroBoys, Ed has worked with his wife to develop the characters and content for HeroBoys. Incorporating the values he learned from his father and the issues he sees his own sons struggle with, Ed develops meaningful content and toys that aim to help young boys become good men. Ed has worked as a principle for Scout Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm, where he has seen firsthand what it takes to build young companies. He has also worked as a writer for newspaper and television. Ed has an MBA from the University of Florida and a BA in Philosophy from Boston College.
In this episode you will learn:
  • How to teach children through stories and teachable moments
  • The importance of compassion and empathy in our children
  • How to create a “story first” entrepreneurial journey

You can find Ed here:


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