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40: How to Create Prosperity by Transitioning from Victim to Owner

Episode 40

Dave Schwendiman is a recovered entrepreneur and undefeated competitive runner (the other guy didn’t know he were racing). He leveraged 30 seconds of Japanese Cup Noodle fame into a full 15 minutes. Dave is scared of spiders, but will beat you in a handstand contest. He discovered his love of sales and coaching only after going completely broke as a contractor. He finally listened to his mom and applied for a job as an insurance agent. A few short years later, Dave leveraged the lessons learned through both success and failure and found himself managing corporate sales training across three states with the fastest growing agents in the country.
The work was amazing, but his family life suffered and he found something was still missing. In a fit of genius Dave quit his safe, secure corporate job, sold his home and moved across the state with his family in toe to intentionally create the life he wanted.
Dave now helps his clients to live their own dreams, achieve completely unreasonable financial goals and have a hell of a good time along the way.
In this episode you will learn:
  • How he helps people develop sales skills to make more money than they’ve ever made
  • How he moved his family out of debt and eating bean burritos into a life of prosperity
  • That special moment between his daughter and him that propelled him to become and full time entrepreneur
  • How to create 15 minutes of Daddy time every single day

You can find Dave here:


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