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43: When in Doubt Take Unusually Good Care of People

Episode 43

Geoff Welch is the president and co­-owner of Date­Line Digital Printing, where his genuine demeanor and irreverent ideas about business have made him a sought ­after speaker. From classrooms to boardrooms, and from national conferences to the stage at TEDx, Geoff’s engaging and humorous talks inspire people to reject the status quo and do their very best work.
Always up for a challenge, he and his wife Nicole have chosen to raise a small human named Maddy without the aid of any formal training.
In this episode you will learn:
  • If I get everything else right and screw up being a dad, I got it wrong
  • Why listening is a key leadership skills in parenting
  • The cost of leadership is self interest Simon Sinek
  • The lesson he learned from his daughter on his birthday
  • Quote: It’s hard to be thankful and entitled at the same time
  • Quote: Your Legacy will not be about what you did for yourself

You can find Geoff here:


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