Do More… Care More… Share More


Every leader, manager and individual achiever who works in the non-profit sector is entrusted with a great responsibility. Productivity, personal connection, engagement, enthusiasm and skillful approaches are all needed to improve outcomes and results. As professionals we’ve been told not to “take the work home with us,” but that is easier said than done. Most people do this work because they care and want to make a positive impact on the lives of the people they serve. At the Devon Bandison Company we understand this responsibility and deliver what you need most: the information, experience, tools and support necessary to improve performance while ensuring that leaders at all levels stay engaged.

Presentation Outline

The Do MoreCare MoreShare More seminar is a high-performance training program that picks up where traditional development and work-life balance training leaves off. Our Seminar boosts productivity by teaching people how to attain a higher level of Achievement & Enjoyment every day, both on and off the job.

Our unique approach to addressing agency needs as well as individual needs creates bottom-line results for the organization and more value and work-life balance for the individual. With our program, performance, accountability and commitment go up, while negative attitudes, stress and turnover go down.

Target Audience

  • Non Profit organizations that want to communicate to their employees and other constituents that they are concerned about work-life balance
  • Audiences that need a boost of inspiration and motivation, and the information to get them to their optimal performance at work and at home
  • Individuals and organizations who want to improve productivity, staff retention and avoid burnout


This presentation can be delivered as a keynote, seminar or workshop depending on your needs.

Intended Outcomes

  • Participants will identify and implement ways to engage efficiently and effectively with their work
  • Each seminar is designed to inspire, teach and provide tools to remove barriers to optimal engagement
  • Participants will learn accountability systems to improve workplace productivity, self-care, and connection with staff, in order to lead more effectively

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