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1: The Pilot

Ep. 1

Welcome everyone to the first episode of the Fatherhood is Leadership podcast. The Fatherhood is Leadership podcast focuses on how modern fathers answer the call to leadership, evolve as men and build their legacy today.  Our mission is to empower fathers across the globe with actionable tools to help them be the best father and leader they can be. We will explore how leadership development translates into being a great father and vice versa. This weekly podcast will feature fathers who are doing extraordinary things and are motivated to pursue their dreams. Guests will share their experiences with fatherhood, leadership and creating a legacy of greatness. If you are a father wanting actionable tools that will help pursue your dreams without losing out on the precious moments with your children… Tune in to Fatherhood is Leadership!

  In this episode you will learn:
  • A little about me as a father, entrepreneur and leader
  • Why fatherhood is leadership
  • What to look forward to….Structure and goal of the podcast
  • How a John Maxwell Quote applies to Fatherhood

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