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23: Why An NFL Linebacker Was Half Right About Youth Participation Trophies

Episode 23

In this episode, host Devon Bandison goes deep into the discussion about the value of youth sports participation trophies. NFL Pittsburg Steeler Linebacker James Harrison recently made headlines for having his children return their sports participation trophies because he said they sent the wrong message. Are youth sports participation trophies a self esteem booster or do they reinforce that children don’t have to earn things? Devon will explore the pros and cons and give the unique perspective he received from the people this issue affects the most, children. You can also read the article Devon published for The Good Men Project below.
In this episode you will learn:
  • 7 Values that team sports can instill in our children
  • The pros and cons to youth sports participation trophies
  • NFL Linebacker James Harrison’s take on the trophies
  • The Fatherhood Leadership Academy is OPEN for registration. Don’t miss out.
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