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33: Want success? Fail Fast, Fail Forward, Fail Frequently.

Episode 33

J. Massey is a true American success story. In just six years he went from the struggle many people experience as he worked hard to provide for his family in southern California to amassing an impressive portfolio that includes over 300 units of residential and commercial properties as well as private notes and mortgages.
Through a series of life-altering events, including the serious illness of his then-pregnant wife, an accident that left J. with a punctured lung that excluded him from being able to work, and even losing and squatting in their foreclosed family home, J. learned quickly that he had to change his mindset if he wanted to survive and thrive. He immediately took action, immersing himself into intensive real estate investor training. He hasn’t looked back and has built a booming investing business, using very little of his own cash or credit.
As a part of the legacy J. wants to leave his children, he began creating a training series that is now available to others so they can learn to do what he continues to do as an investor. This ultimately lead to a book project, Cash Flow Diary: 10 Steps to CREATING WEALTH in Any Economy! and a growing number of educational opportunities for those interested in all areas of real estate investing across demographics.
In this episode you will learn:
  • How he teaches people to become successful real estate investors
  • Why fatherhood is the ultimate servant position
  • How to revolutionize your productivity
  • How to create the ultimate morning routine
  • Watch me do, do with me, do alone (fly), teach someone

You can find J. Massey here:


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