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36: Taming the High Cost of College

Episode 36

Brad Baldridge, CFP®, is a college funding consultant specializing in late-stage college funding planning. He provides customized planning using the latest financial aid, tax, cash flow and academic strategies. With these strategies Brad may help a family save a significant amount of money on their college expenses and make a student’s college dream a reality. Brad’s goal is to help a family save time, save money and reduce stress in the college planning process.
Brad lectures extensively conducting his workshop “Taming the High Cost of College” for groups and high schools. Over the years thousands have benefited from the unique insight and great strategies presented at his workshops.
In this episode you will learn:
  • Tips to save your family money for college
  • How Brad and his wife influence their children’s educational journey
  • How to deal with the transition to the teenage years
  • The importance of teaching communication, self advocacy and entrepreneurship

You can find Brad here:


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