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48: Fatherhood: Learning, Leading & Loving with Steve Chandler

Episode 48

Steve Chandler is now the author of 30 books that have been translated into over 25 languages. His personal success coaching, public speaking and business consulting have been used by CEOs, top professionals, major universities, and over 30 Fortune 500 companies. He has twice won the national Audio of the Year award from King Features Syndicate. A popular guest on TV and radio talk shows, Steve Chandler has recently been called “the most powerful public speaker in America today.” Steve is also a master coach who has helped train hundreds of coaches to transform many lives and businesses. He created the Coaching Prosperity School to assist coaches to build a strong practice and create great clients.
In this episode you will learn:
  • The distinction between complaints vs requests in parenting and life
  • How a single father of four navigated through raising his on his own
  • Why connection and respect for your child’s interests matters
  • Why the problems you have aren’t really problems
  • How to stay clear of becoming a helicopter parent

You can find Steve here:


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