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51: How to Become a High Performer with an American Ninja Warrior

Episode 51

Abel Gonzalez is an elite American Ninja Warrior (ANW) athlete, trainer and owner of AXIOS Warrior Academy, a holistic wellness center in South Texas. He started his American Ninja Warrior journey as walk-on rookie in the 2014 Dallas finals and by the end of 2015 he was named as an alternate to (the 5-person) Team USA vs. The World (Japan & Europe). I was so excited to recently learn that Abel will be competing on ANW Season 8 this year in Philadelphia in late May!
His story is incredible. The odds he has overcome physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally to become this elite athlete and community leader are nothing short of mind blowing. Doctors diagnosed Abel with rheumatoid arthritis and advised that he’d wheelchair-bound by the time he was 30. Of course, they were wrong. Instead he chose and envisioned a different outcome and committed himself to find an alternate path to beat the odds. He has clearly surpassed that. In addition to competition and training he works to up-level the education in his community about health and wellness.
In this episode you will learn:
  • How he become the legal guardian of his brothers at age 20
  • The importance of a support system in parenting and life
  • How he took a debilitating diagnosis and used it as motivation for success
  • How to exercise smarter and become a high performer

You can find Abel here:


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