You’re a parent, a business owner, a hard-worker. You’re wearing a hundred hats, juggling competing priorities and trying to make sense of it all. I’m guessing this because most of my clients are like you, and I was once trying to make sense of it all too.

Often times our roles are in conflict and you want to do your best for everyone but to do your best you have to take care of yourself first.

This unique coaching program takes an innovative approach to leadership development. I have expanded my popular Fatherhood is Leadership program to meet the needs of all parents. In our work together we will acknowledge your current reality and build systems that works for you. I will help you achieve optimal performance, stress reduction, self care, and relationship building.

Here are some of the conversations we may have together:

  • Total Leadership & Parenting – Identifying the roles and responsibilities of modern day parenting. Identifying your leadership/parenting vision, mission and style
  • Relationships “Building Team You” – Identifying ways to successfully build professional and personal relationships. Effective communication and agreements.
  • Time Management & Values – Identifying time management techniques that will help you become more efficient. 
  • Personal Productivity & Mindset – Identifying habits, routines and self care techniques that will help you become a better leader. Introducing work-life integration.
  • Work Life Integration “Leadership In Action” – Taking your leadership into the world and successfully integrating work life and family life.

Do you want to become a better parent and improve relationships with your children and family?

Are you tired of putting off your dreams and goals because “the time isn’t right?”

Are you are ready to pursue your biggest goals and dreams and not feel guilty about it?

Are you ready to be paid for what you love?

Are you ready to finally be able to carve out “me time” to work on the things that matter the most?


Then let me tell you that you are not alone! Here is the good news…

You can make that happen NOW – not in the future, but NOW. Your choices today will determine your successes in life and work.

You simply haven’t had a successful coach to give you clear guidance, proven strategies and personal feedback on how either effective parents get things done.

All you need to do to get started is schedule a call today by sending an email to:

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