With Devon Bandison as your keynote speaker, prepare to be immediately engaged and energized the moment he takes the stage and leave feeling inspired, confident and motivated to achieve your best. Blending over seventeen years of fatherhood, leadership and unique life challenges, Devon delivers content-rich motivational seminars, which offer result-focused practices designed to assist the leader, executive or committed individual transform their work and life.

Devon’s dynamic and compelling seminars are fresh, innovative approaches to achieving personal success offering the best of his years of experience delivering seminars throughout NYC and United States. Be encouraged by his rare transparency and honesty about transforming his own perceived failures into transformational opportunities. Let his personal stories of triumph through adversity and tools for success be the roadmap you use to reinvent yourself to reclaim confidence, focus and develop keys for success in business and life.

TEDx Boca Raton

``I am committed to helping you develop your personal leadership from the inside out.”

Devon Bandison

Popular speaking topics include:

Our commitment to you:

  • Personal planning consultation with Devon
  • Professionally prepared, dynamically delivered, outcome-focused presentation
  • Follow-up communication to ensure expectations were met
  • Prompt professional replies to your phone calls and email messages

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