Create Your Legacy Now!


Creating a legacy of leadership isn’t about when you’re gone, it’s about the actions you take today. People often have no actionable plan for their life or career. Most are passive spectators, watching their life unfold, one day at a time. This seminar is designed to shift participants from spectator to all star as they develop a legacy plan for accomplishing the priorities that matter most. With creative and powerful techniques, individuals and organizations will transform and create a legacy of leadership.

Presentation Outline

A legacy plan is developed and written by you and is based on your answers to the following three powerful and thought-provoking questions:

How do you want to be remembered? Begin with the end in mind. Imagine for a moment your life is complete. How would you like to be remembered? What legacy would you like to leave? You still have time to shape that conversation.
What matters most to you? Identifying and prioritizing the most important elements of your legacy will ensure your time, energy and other precious resources are utilized to their maximum potential so that you focus on what matters most.
How do I get from here to there? Transformation requires action. Developing your personal plan requires the following three steps:

1) Describing your envisioned future,
2) Acknowledging your current reality and
3) Identifying and committing to specific actions that support your living legacy.

Target Audience

  • Organizations who want to communicate to their employees and other constituents that they are concerned about work-life balance
  • Audiences that need a boost of inspiration, motivation and information to get them to their optimal performance at work and at home


This presentation can be delivered as a keynote, seminar or workshop depending on your needs. The ideal keynote length is 45 minutes. Seminars and workshops are half day or full day.

Intended Outcomes

  • Participants will be inspired to create an action plan for their life and work, focused on creating a living legacy
  • Participants will have a simple but effective framework for legacy planning to design the life they have always wanted
  • Participants will leave with practical, actionable steps they can implement immediately

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