Fatherhood is Leadership


Fatherhood Is Leadership is a revolutionary seminar that is tailored for businessmen and fathers who experience internal conflict between their commitment to professional success, and being fully present and available for quality family relationships. Participants will learn how to boost productivity at work, improve their leadership skills, create fulfillment with their job and deepen their connection with their children and family.

Presentation Outline

Fathers in Leadership roles will be asked to assess their:

Leadership Style Leadership qualities that translate to successful parenting.
Productivity Designed to engage, inform and equip participants with the tools, mindset and practices to improve their productivity by 20% or more every day.
Value System How to align your values and ambition with the things you most value.

Target Audience

  • Individuals focused on becoming effective leaders and fathers
  • Organizations focused developing strong, effective leaders 
  • Organizations that want to improve staff retention, productivity and satisfaction

This seminar is geared to create a balanced life for successful career professional fathers that “want it all” by helping them create a satisfying career and balance competing priorities. Participants will leave the seminar better equipped to navigate life’s difficult choices at work and home.


This presentation can be delivered as a keynote, seminar or workshop. The ideal keynote length is 45 minutes. Workshops and seminars are half day or full day.

Intended Outcomes

  • Audience members will be inspired to become better fathers and leaders, taking their knowledge, skills, and character to the next level
  • Audience members will understand the five leadership qualities that translate to successful parenting
  • Audience members will learn how to use the skills from career and family to support, strengthen and enhance both
  • Audience member will be able to use strategies that deepen their connection with your family, no matter how little time you have
  • Audience members will leave with practical, actionable steps they can implement immediately

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