Personal, Business and Relationship Coaching

You speak and I listen. Together we connect and create miracles in your life.

When people decide to work with me miracles don’t just happen, they are created!

I see it happening every day. My clients create the life, career and freedom they once thought was unimaginable. There is nothing more fulfilling than the experience of being with another person in a created space of trust, commitment and vision. It allows for people like you to share your dreams. Our work is to make that dream a reality.

My coaching is for those who want to take big risks with big heart. I know if you want something different in your life, you have to do something different in your life. You don’t have to do it alone. I’m here to help you push past your fears and play outside your comfort zone.

I work with executives from multi-million dollar companies to non-profit organizations. I also work with entrepreneurs, international speakers, doctors, attorneys, coaches, professional athletes, actors, ministers, financial executives, college students and hard-working parents.

People sometimes ask me the difference between therapy and coaching. The difference is pretty simple for me. Therapy is focused on your past and coaching focuses on your present and your future. My coaching helps extraordinary people create a living legacy they are proud of.

People who I work with are already considered leaders and high achievers in life. They have reached a point where they don’t need a coach, they WANT a coach! A coach that can help them transform, achieve more and create a life of abundance, prosperity and fulfillment!

If you want to give yourself the gift of your own attention and be in a created space that will allow you to see clearly, here are some of the ways we can work together.




Live Your Legacy Leadership Intensive
Group Coaching Program


Creating a Legacy of Leadership

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